Anupam Kher’s Brother Mimics Anupam

Some  learned  critics thought Anupam Kher’s performance as former  prime  minister  Manmohan Singh in  The  Accidental  Prime Minister to be a mimicry of  the actual man’s walk talk and  mannerisms.

Wonder what they would say about  Anupam Kher’s brother Raju Kher  playing ManmohanSingh in a cheap Rahul Gandhi  bio-pic  entitled My Name Is RaGa.

 Directed by one Rupesh Paul who  has  a well-earned reputation for  launching exploitative controversial cheap films based on  topical subjects most  of which never get released, My Name  Is  RaGa features a cheesy looking  Rahul Gandhi  ripoff (played by one AshwiniKumar) and an  even cheesier-looking  Narendra  Modi ripoff(played  by Himant Kapadia).

 But the real shocker  of the show, and the one that makes your stomach churn is theManmohan Singh  ripoff played by Raju Kher who happens to be Anupam Kher’s  brother.

Anupam, it must be recalled, had played Manmohan Singh just a few weeks ago  in  first-time director  Vijay Gutte’s The  Accidental Prime  Minister.  Raju seems to be mimicking his brother rather  than Manmohan Singh.

While Anupam rightly desisted from commenting on this sibling apery, a source close  toAnupam  says, “Raju does  his own thing as an actor and Anupam doesn’t interfere at  all. They lead separate lives. Just why  Raju  chose to play Manmohan Singh  so  soon after  Anupam had done the same, we don’t  know. But it looks  more  like  a gimmick that the  director specializes in than anything else.”

One thing is  for  sure. The  grotesque ‘film’ on Rahul Gandhi should be  banned  immediately. And for no other reason  except the fact it offends all concept and definitions of good taste.

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