Anurag Kashyap is keeping the tribunal busy!


Two of Anurag Kashyap’s films are up for viewing by the CBFC’s Tribunal this week. Raman Raghav , the violent film about a real-life serial  killer which was passed with some cuts and with an “A” (Adults) certificate will be viewed by the Tribunal on Saturday. Thereafter Udta Punjab, a film that Kashyap has co-produced for director Abhishek Chaubey will also be viewed early next week.

Says an inside source, “Mr Kashyap is keeping the Tribunal busy. Maze ki baat yeh hai …one film has been already certified by the CBFC and the other film has been denied certification. Mr Kashyap has opted to take both the films to the Tribunal.”

Raman Raghav has already been certified.Apparently by going to the Tribunal Kashyap hopes to get the film passed without a single cut.

Udta Punjab has not  been certified by the CBFC. It’s still been taken to the Tribunal for a re-view.

Says a source, “Since the Tribunal has been regularly upturning the CBFC’s Examining Committee’s decision  ,Kashyap is right to think both his films may get passed censorship by going to the Tribunal.”

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