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Anurag Kashyap To Remake Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill? Tell Me It’s Not True



Uma Thurman Kill Bill

On Tuesday the  nation woke  up to the  news that Anurag Kashyap  lately out of the hospital after a heart surgery, will be  doing a Hindi remake  of  Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, the  2003  high-octane  actioner featuring Uma Thurman as the most  accomplished female  warrior  in the history  of  cinema .

The report  turned out to be  partially true.

A  source  in the know says Kashyap  is indeed  directing  a desi  version of Kill Bill with  Kriti Sanon in  the lead.

“Although  nothing has been finalized yet. The project is in its infancy  right now. Why is it being leaked  to  the press?”  the  source wondered.

Why anyone  would  want to do  a Hindi version  of   something  so  ancient and  untouchable as  Kill Bill, is beyond any comprehension or logic.  Why are we  constantly looking towards   the West  for  inspiration when there are  hundreds of untold stories  in our country?

Besides the  level  of action that Tarantino  extracted  out of Thurman was  a state-of-the-art miracle.  However  in this era  of  Wonder Woman it makes as  much a sense   as  a new   version  of Gone With The Wind.

Some films are  better left untouched. I  hope  Anurag Kashyap would realize  this before it’s too late.