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Anurag Kashyap Won’t Compromise On His Innocence



Anurag Kashyap Won’t Compromise On His Innocence 15

Anurag  Kashyap is  not worried for  his own wellbeing.  He is worried about the stress that his family  is going through.

As a close  friend of Anurag told this writer , “He  is not worried  for himself. But it distresses  him that his family is very worried. Anurag  says  it’s not about him . It’s about his reputation. It’s about standing  up for  everything that he has  stood for.Anurag  comes from a family of strong individualistic women. Respecting women for what they are comes naturally  to him.”

Anurag wants to see this fight to  prove  his innocence  to its  logical conclusion.  “He wants  to pursue the case right  to its logical conclusion. Because the accusation challenges  everything that he has stood for all his life.  For  years Anurag has been perceived as a fiercely defiant feminist filmmaker. He can’t let  his  reputation be  squandered by a  lie. He will  fight and fight  until he get justice.”

It looks  Ms Ghosh has  long battle ahead.

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