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Anusha Rizvi: That My Husband Is Free Is yet To Sink In!



It is some hours since the Delhi High Court has acquitted Mahmood Farooqui of the rape charge that  was slapped on him in June 2015.

Mahmood’s wife filmmaker, theatre personality and activist Anusha Rizvi  who has firmly maintained that her husband is innocent  of the charge  can hardly believe what has happened. “Mahmood’s freedom came so suddenly, it was so unexpected, we were just not prepared for it. In fact as I speak to you I am still with our lawyers. There  is a  lot of paperwork still to be done.”

So  what are her thoughts? “I  always maintained  my husband  was innocent . I’ve been through the case. I  know what the truth is. I don’t want to go into the  case right now. All I’ll say is ,  justice has prevailed  for us. My husband and I have  finally got the verdict we deserved. But what  about  the thousands who languish in jail without the resources means or remedy of finding justice?”

Anusha Rizvi and Mahmood Farooqui

Anusha Rizvi and Mahmood Farooqui Source:

Anusha’s  husband’s  incarceration gave  her the chance to meet many innocent convicts. “There are women in jail  for years and years. They have done no wrong. They don’t why they are in prison. They are innocent.But don’t know how to prove  it. It is frightening and sobering.”

Anusha wants to work with Innocent  prisoners . “During his incarceration my husband began a newspaper  Tihar Khabar which regularly informs  inmates of their judicial and legal rights.Many of  the underprivileged inmates don’t even know why they are in jail. I’ve also been performing my husband’s theatre plays in  every place possible carrying the message of crime and  justice  to the furthest corners . It has not been  a  time of  resignation and surrender to despair  for me. I managed to keep my hope alive  because I  knew  my husband was innocent and I  knew one  way or another his innocence  would be proven.”

At  the moment Anusha is trying to come to terms with the altered circumstances in her life. “Till yesterday I  was focused entirely on Mahmood’s freedom. Suddenly today  my husband is a free man. The fact is yet to  sink in.”

Anusha is thankful to all  those who stood by her. “My family and friends never let me feel isolated in my crisis. I owe my strength and conviction  to them. They kept me going. Otherwise I don’t know how I could’ve survived this ordeal.”

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