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Anusha Rizvi’s statement on Mahmood Farooqui conviction



Independent record makes the charge of “forced oral sex” against Mahmood Farooqui simply impossible.

The conviction is unjust for it ignores irrefutable evidence on the most flimsy grounds. Indeed, it appears that the Judge has given more than the benefit of the doubt to the prosecution but has expected the defence to prove it’s case beyond reasonable doubt. We shall appeal judgment.

The complainant is consummately discredited by independent call and Cab company records which were presented in Court. The defence team has adhered to all feminist principles during the trial and no aspersions on the complainant’s character were ever cast by the defence.

The complainant and the prosecution argued that retribution is a public cry and that the nation would fall into disrepute if enhanced penalty was not awarded in a case where the complainant is a foreigner. Fortunately, the court has ignored this outrageous argument.

Lives and reputations are irretrievably lost when there is denial of justice, but our fight for rightful exoneration continues. I firmly believe that we will secure justice in the High Court.

Anusha Rizvi

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