Anushka Sharma-Virat Kohli Tuscany Wedding, Facts About The Wedding

The couple  has not told most  of  their friends about their shaadi plans. In  fact one of Anushka’s closest friends from the film fraternity says, “I’ll believe she’s married  when she’s  married  and tells she  is . Until then, this is all conjecture.”

However   the matter  has now gone far beyond conjecture, with the couple’s close family members flying to the venue Tuscany(Italy) for the purported wedding.

Even Virat’s cricketing  friends are  in the dark. One  of  them wonders  the veil of secrecy  is going to be  lifted. “We know why they’ve kept it a secret. They just didn’t want the paparazzi to pounce on them. Both  Virat and Anushka agreed to keep the wedding a secret until it  actually happened, so that the media didn’t get a whiff it.This is why they’ve chosen Tuscany as  the venue  of their wedding. Chances of  photographers airdropping into the scenic holiday resort seem  distant.”

  After the Tuscany wedding the couple  is expected  to go on a brief holiday before returning to India where Anuskha re-joins the unit of Aanand Rai’s untitled  film with Shah Rukh Khan.

 Contrary  to reports, Shah Rukh Khan is not invited to the wedding, although he is aware of the  shaadi, to be attended by the couple’s  very close family members. In fact no one from the film fraternity  is  invited.

 Doesn’t it remind you of  AishwaryaAbhishek wedding?

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