Anushka Shetty  ​To Finally Make Her Hindi Debut​  With Prabhas

​Anushka Shetty, the Southern sensation of Baahubali fame, would have made her debut​ in  Bollywood opposite Ajay Devgan in Singham. But there were financial disagreements.

And as Anushka told me, “Everything happens at the right time.”

She was seen by a massive Hindi-speaking audience in Baahuabali. But that was only a dubbed Hindi film. In her next film with Prabhas entitled Saaho Anushka makes her full-fledged Hindi debut.

There is an independent Hindi version of the film on the anvil for which both Anushka and Prabhas are learning Hindi from scratch.

The wait for a leading lady for Prabhas’ new film Saho is now over. Prabhas’s Baahubali co-starring  Anushka Shetty will step in to play his Significant Other.

But wait. If fans are looking at the pair recreating the Baahubali drama , they are in for a shock.This time in Saaho we will see Prabhas and Anushka Shetty share the type of trendy togs and talk that their characters in  Baahubali could’ve have never imagined.

If sources are to be believed the couple will don a  variety of  urban –chic looks for the camera.

Says a source, “Their chemistry would be sizzling-hot. Baahubali was all about holding back passion. In Saaho Anushka and Prabhas will let it all hang out.”

Both the actors have been ordered to lose weight and get into a body form where they can wear the coolest clothes including leather jeans and beachwear.

“It is not about swords and armours. They will play young people of today caught in a situation of crisis. Prabhas and Anushka in Saahowill be so different from how  audiences saw them in Baahubali . The concept of culture-shock will be redefined.”

Saaho will mark  the Hindi debut of Anushka Shetty.This occurrence has been in the pipeline for several years. Finally now the actress will be seen in the Hindi-speaking belt ,as the producers of Saaho plan a separate original Hindi version of Saaho, not dubbed.

​Incidentally Anushka and Prabhas are buddies. They never say no to each  other.​



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