Apart from being an actor, I am an interior designer as well,” says Fukrey Returns actor Manjot Singh

The young and talented actor began his career at the tender age of 15, entertaining the audience and making them smile, but his role Lali got Manjot Singh the deserved fame and recognition in Bollywood. Prior to the premiere of Fukrey Returns on &pictures, Naye India Ka Blockbuster Movie Channel on Sunday, 20th May 2018 at 12 noon, we caught up with this young firebrand actor.

If not acting what would we see you doing?
If not acting, I would definitely be a banker!

As per you, what is the USP of the character Lali in the movie?
Lali is very innocent and honest. He is someone who can’t harm anyone, but he is so naïve that he is often dragged into circumstances that often get him into trouble.

If not Lali, which other character would you love to essay from the movie?
If not Lali, I would love to play Pandit ji essayed by Pankaj Tripathi. I think the character is very well etched out and moreover I love his comic timing and expressions.

If not Fukrey, which other title do you think would suit your gang?
There is no other name better than Fukrey that would suit our gang. In fact, when they had approached me for the movie, I had signed the film before listening to the script basis its title. Hailing from Delhi, I could relate to the term and since it was an Excel entertainment movie, I knew that it would be crazy.

If you ever stumbled upon a treasure, what would you do with it?
I will donate a part of it and the rest I will invest. With the interest I receive, I will purchase several cars and a house. I will produce a movie for those actors who are not getting a platform to showcase their talent and also act in that movie myself. I will make a Namaste London Part 2 as whenever I watch that movie, I wish that I was a part of it.

What if you encounter a real tiger someday. How would you react?

If I ever encounter a tiger in my real life, I will freeze and won’t be able to move or escape due to fear.

What are the three things people ought to know about you but don’t know yet?
People don’t know that I am a very romantic person because I have never played a romantic character onscreen. Being a Cancerian, I am sensitive too and get upset over little things that may not matter to others. Very few people know that I am an interior designer as well. I developed this interest looking at my mum, so decided to do a short course in interior designing.

If you were a female and were to date a male actor – who would it be and why?
If I were a female I would date Ranbir Kapoor because he is unmarried, extremely good looking, full of life and one of the most talented actors that the industry has today.

Is there any type of role that you are dying to do but yet to be offered?
I wish to do a serious role and a romantic role as well but whenever I express what’s on my mind, I am told that a Sardar will only be accepted in a comic role. People cannot imagine a Sardar wearing a pagdi romancing an actress. What they do not realize is that this perception about Sardar’s has been set by Bollywood itself and only we can break it.

Tell us something about your upcoming projects.
I just shot a web series titled ‘Made in Heaven’ directed by Zoya Akhtar for Amazon Prime. It is about big fat weddings and the fun and drama surrounding it and the expenses incurred in such weddings.

Anything else you would like to add?
Firstly, please watch Fukrey Returns on &pictures on 20th May at 12 noon. Also I am planning to produce a movie on a Sardar who has a dream to become an actor but each time he goes for auditions, he is turned away because there is no comic character in the movie. Most of the Sardars in the industry face this. That perception is slowly changing with actors like Diljit Dosanjh and me who are taking up more serious roles.

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