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Applause Entertainment Gives Prateik Babbar A Chance To Resurrect His Career



Applause Entertainment Gives Prateik Babbar A Chance To Resurrect His Career 12

If there was  a lifetime  achievement  award  for  the most undisciplined  potential   star  of Bollywood, Prateik Babbar would win hands-down. His constant  battle to stay  on the  right track has lost him  a lot of golden   career  opportunities.

 But now  all that is  about to change. His  performance as a no-nonsense cop in the  webseries Chakravyuha  , to  stream on MX Player  from  12 March, is  all set to  give Prateik’s  career   an all-new boost. In the  series  Prateik  plays  the  dynamic star-cop Inspector  Virkar who is out to  nab a crime syndicate of young sociopaths  indulging  in sex crimes.

Filmmaker-author  Piyush Jha who wrote  the  original novel  Anti-social Network: An Inspector Virkar Crime Thriller, says  Prateik is  the perfect fit  for Inspector  Virkar. “He’s superb. Just the right choice for Inspector Virkar as I imagined him as a character. Prateik has worked really hard to fit into Virkar’s skin, physically. And portray Virkar’s angst in an understated manner. He is reminiscent of a young Om Puri in Ardh Satya.”

 When I remind Piyush(who is  well-know  filmmaker and author of several crime novels)   of Prateik’s reputation  for  indiscipline  he  corrects me, “He has  made a  lot of positive changes in  his life and its  shows in his  work. Prateik is going places soon. Mark my words.”

  Adds  Prateik Babbar, “I’m hoping to showcase my versatility as an actor with the eccentric Virkar. The series sees my character in a constant chase against time, trying to stay ahead of a ruthless blackmailer and not allowing the wrong to overpower the truth. Virkar is a cop who fights for the right in his own unique way,  many a times steering away from the rule book and will go to any extent to follow the truth.”

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