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Apurva Asrani Met Elliot Page, Formerly Ellen Page



Apurva Asrani Met Elliot Page, Formerly Ellen Page 12

Juno  actress Ellen Page  has taken the  world by storm  by declaring  she is now  a man, Elliot Page. In  every sense he/she has  turned the Page.Writer-director  Apurva Asrani met Elliot  when he was Ellen.

Apurva recalls, “I met Elliot Page in May 2016. He and  his best friend Ian Daniel were in Mumbai shooting for a series and we were meeting prominent LGBTQ citizens. They came home with their camera crew for my pet dog Doobie’s 9th birthday.”

 Elliot,  then Ellen, had a long conversation with Apurva. “We talked for a couple of hours about Aligarh(which I had scripted)  and the state of India’s LGBTQ. I found Elliot to be very concerned for us under the archaic Article 377 which was still in force back then.”
Ellen/Elliot  appreciated  Apurva being an uncloseted homosexual  in  spite  of 377. “He was very happy to see my partner and I celebrating the day with our parents and was trying to understand how we could be so open when the law was against us.”

Apurva was impressed  by  Elliot/Ellen’s nature.  “What struck me was how down-to-earth and simple Elliot was. He didn’t demand special attention, dressed simply and talked to everyone sincerely. He even brought presents for my  pet Doobie.”

Apurva Asrani has never  been afraid to express  himself  on the subject  of sexual  orientation.

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