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Arbaaz Khan Turns To Sleazy Sridevi Ripoff



Why is  Arbaaz Khan so  desperate  to work as an actor? Isn’t it better  to  not do  films rather than the  do the kind that would make the Khan family cringe? Is  it because Arbaaz   needs to pay a grand alimony to his high-maintenance ex-wife , the very beautiful and  much in-love(with  another man, not Arbaaz)  Malaika Arora? 

Why else would  Arbaaz  agree  to be  part  of  a sleazy film like Sridevi Bungalow? Earlier too in recent times he has been seen in some of the most awful lowbrow  tacky cheesy films like Nirdosh, Jack & Dil and  Tera  Intezaar. Films which were so awful they needed to be retrieved from the ground with shovels.

  Whispers  in the  entertainment  industry  insist Arbaaz is in dire need  of finances for the upkeep of high-profile life.If not wife. Arbaaz does have a pretty  foreign  girlfriend too  to look after.

A  close friend of Arbaaz’s brother Salman Khan says, “Salman keeps poking goodnatured  fun at the  kind of films that  Arbaaz does. But Bhaibasically believes in  live and let live. But  doing that scandalous Sridevi film is  going too far. It is going to bring further strains  into Salman’s already-strained  relations with Boney Kapoor.”

For those who came in late  , Boney Kapoor’s son Arjun is in a serious relationship with Arbaaz’s ex-wife Malaika Arora. Yup, the same  lady whose  upkeep is probably forcing Arbaaz  to do  Z-grade  films with the likes  of Sunny Leone.

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