Are Attempts To Smear Priyanka’s Marriage A Racist Campaign?

The same tabloid  that tried to do  hatchet  job  on  Priyanka Chopra’s  marriage this week had earlier tried to smear  her with  a story alleging her squabble over  property  with husband Nick Jonas.

In other  words, Priyanka  Chopra  is  the Indian gold-digger who will probably clean  out the affluent Jonas of their riches and then  flee the  rich country  of White affluence  to her poor brown habitat.

It  is  very clear not everyone in America  is  happy with  the success  of Priyanka  Chopra  in a country that encourages NRIsonly as long as they don’t exceed  the speed limits  of  success laid out for them  by the  American  cheerleaders.

The  attempts to pull  her down have just begun.And they will continue. Because Priyanka has gone beyond the  prescribed limits of success  in  the  US.

And  the campaign to  malign her will intensify , as Priyanka  will get  only more  powerful,  now that  she has merged  Brand Chopra with the  Jonas  empire. One hears there are some major collaborations  planned with her in-laws.

Says a  very close friend  of Priyanka, “As  she establishes  a stronger power base in the US the attempts to prove her  marriage is falling apart will intensity.It is the  only way  the  cynics and  Trump supporters  can  cut her down  to size.But  Priyanka  is  not going to let  the  partycrashers   ruin her marriage  or her march ahead.”

 Priyanka  Chopra’s   trump card  is her  resilience.  The  more you  try to put her down the   more powerfully she  will bounce back.

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