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Are Marriages  In  Bollywood Crumbling During The Lockdown?



Are Marriages  In  Bollywood Crumbling During The Lockdown? 12

With one couple  announcing  their separation and  another denying a rift amidst  loud whispers  of differences, Bollywood marriages, like marriages all across  the  world, are  going  through trying times during the claustrophobia  of  the global lockdown.

Actor  Gulshan Devaiah has separated from his  foreigner wife Kallirroi Tziafeta. When I asked  him about it  Gulshan  confirmed the end  of his  marriage  adding, “Thank you  for asking. We are  both all right.”

However musician Hiten Soni denied rumours of problems in  his marriage with  singer Sunidhi Chauhan. When I   asked he  said, “These rumours are baseless. I  don’t  know  where they are  coming from.”

While  one wishes  Hiten and Sunidhi all the best,  disturbing  rumours  of  other marriages  in Bollywood   being in trouble  are gaining momentum.

Is  it just a temporary  fallout  of the constant  presence of one another in a locked house?

A  high-profile celebrity husband says staying  together constantly is becoming  a problem. “No matter how  much one  loves one’s spouse one needs time and space for oneself. Luckily we have a large  home. What about  couples who are locked in  one-room and two-room flats?”

This  celebrity spouse has a point. Marriages are  under strain due to the   lack of  breathing space for  couples. Once the lockdown  ends, so will the strain of  constant  togetherness.

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