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Are Prabhas & Anushka Shetty Getting Married?



 The  most speculated-about couple  in  the Telugu film industry is no doubt  Prabhas and Anushka  Shetty. Are they  a couple or are they not?

Well the  answer  is  quite   clear. Yes, they are  in love. They have been in love for years now. But they cannot get married. And  the  reason for that is simple…

Family. Prabhas’ family does  not approve  of  the match.They  never did. They never will.

 A  source  in the know   informs, “Prabhas  would  never   go against his  family’s wishes . For him  they  are the world.Everything  else, every other relationship comes  later.”

The reason why Prabhas’ family is against the match is embarrassingly  outdated.

“Anushka is from a different caste   and state  (Karnataka)  far removed  from   the tightly-knit  conservative Telugu community  to which  Prabhas  belongs. His family  is  extremely  conservative. Marrying outside caste  or community   is unthinkable,” says the source.

Apparently when  Prabhas’ family first came  to know  about his deepening  friendship with Anushka the first thing they wanted to know was  her cultural/religious  identity. “They were  happy and relieved when they came to know   that Prabhas, nearly 40 now  was  finally in  a relationship. But when they  got to know she was a from a different caste , they vehemently opposed the match and asked  him to end his relationship as  marriage  outside their caste was  not  permitted.”

 Prabhas, it seems, has conveyed his anguished inability to Anushka to  marry the woman  he loves. But their  feelings for  each other are so strong, they are  unable to end  their relationship.

Mutual friends  of  the  couple say, marrying someone else  other than Anushka would be disastrous for both.

“It would  destroy three lives. So Prabhas has two choices. To  either  convince his family for  the alliance. Or rebel  against their wishes and marry  the woman he  loves,” says  the source.

Or otherwise  there is  the   third  option. Remain unmarried and yet a couple , because in  today’s age, what difference does the  official  stamp of marital approval make  in a relationship?

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