Are ​Ranveer Singh And ​Deepika Padukone On The Verge Of A Split?​

​Sad but true. Another long-standing love story of a Bollywood couple has apparently come to an end, thanks mainly to their grueling work schedules which kept them apart for long periods and also threw them in the way of divertive temptation, so to speak.

So this then is the sad truth of life that Ranveer must face .

A  devoted boyfriend, faithful  and supportive,Ranveer has moved on. Sources in the know say this time the breakup is “clean and permanent”, that in  fact  Ranveer is dating another girl whose identity is not yet known.

Says a very well-informed source, “Ranveer and  Deepika have been together for five years. They are no longer a couple. There was no bitter parting. They just drifted apart. They both tried to make it work with the help of their supportive families who wanted to make  sure that the relationship makes it to the altar. And that was one of the problems with the relationship. Ranveer wanted marriage.Deepikacompletely opposed the idea arguing that marriage would affect her career at its prime.”

Sources say Ranveer was patient and supportive. “Even when they were shooting in separate continents he would fly down to be with her whenever possible. Ranveer gave Deepika astronomical space.He never allowed any doubt or suspicion to creep in even when rumours of a relationship with Vin Diesel reached his ears.”

But things got to a point where Ranveer became the “resident pacifist” in the relationship, always patient tolerant and waiting while she, in the words of the source, “did her own thing”.

Ranveer, it seems has regrettably moved on. And if he seems unlucky in love—what with this being his second aborted serious commitment to  an actress after Anushka Sharma—what about Deepika who lost Ranbir to Katrina and now Ranveer to the mysterious girl he’s said to be dating?

Luckily Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati the only project that Ranveer and Deepika have together, does not get affected by the split.

Says a source of Bhansali’s production, “Ranveer and Deepika do  not share any screen space in Padmavati. It is ironical that their relationship started with Sanjay Bhansali’s Ram Leela  where they played a Gujju Romeo and Juliet who couldn’t keep their hands off one another, and their relationship has ended during another Bhansali film where he is not allowed to touch her.”

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