Katrina Kaif’s Role Increased, Are Salman & Katrina Getting Close Again?

If  the information coming from the location  of  Tiger Zinda Hai is to be believed then Katrina Kaif is definitely inching  back to her original zone of comfort with Salman Khan.

According to eyewitnesses from the location of Ali Abbas Zafar’s Ek Tiger Tha in Abu Dhabi, the two were seen  bonding “like they  used to before…Salman and Katrina Kaif were in  deep conversations between shots.He was seen talking and she was listening.”

Friends in  the know say Salman has again started  advising Katrina Kaif on her career.

“Earlier even  after she became  a star, Katrina wouldn’t sign a single  film without consulting Salman. That practice,she had stopped after she grew close to Ranbir Kapoor. But now Katrina Kaif is  urgently trying to rediscover  her bearings .She won’t be making one  move without Salman’s  approval,” says  the source.

So  is  this the beginning of a new phase  in their personal equation?

“It’s too early to say. Katrina Kaif never stopped being close to Salman even when she got into a relationship with another man.The two are very close. But are they close enough to rekindle their past relationship? Only time  will tell,” the source informs and adds that Katrina’s role was lengthened in Ek Tiger Tha because  of  Salman.

“Initially she  didn’t have that much to do in  Ek Tiger Tha. When Salman realized how brief her role  was  he spoke to director Ali Abbas Zafar  about it,” adds the source.

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