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Arijit’s Song Replaced Again, By A Pakistani Singer!

“No one is irreplaceable,” says Arijit.

 Lightning, they say never strikes the same place again. But Arijit Singh’s career has been struck by lightening twice, originating from the same place.
While his song Jag ghoomiya in Sultan was re-rendered by  Ustad Rahat Ali Khan, his new track for the film The Flying Jatt has now been dubbed in the dubious voice of Atif Aslam.

While the people close to the development including composers Sachin Jigar maintain the news is a hoax, sources close to Arijit reveal that Bollywood ’s finest singer today has indeed been dubbed and snubbed again .

 A very talented filmmaker-musician wonders what was the need to replace Arijit. “He has such an amazing voice!And he exercises such great control over the seven musical notes. Unusual for today’s singer to be so deeply trained in Hindustani classical music.I can understand a singer as great as Rahat Fateh Ali Khan being brought in place of Arijit. But Atif Aslam can’t hold one  note in place. He sings off-key and his diction is faulty.Why are we importing bad talent to replace good indigenous talent?”
 Arijit himself remains noncommittal about the snub. “No one is irreplaceable, in any walk of life. Whether you are a singer or a doctor, there will always be others to take over your place.”
Did the two singers from across the border speak to Arijit before stepping in?

“No , that protocol is not followed by any singer today.If I replaced a singer I wouldn’t be expected to consult whichever singer I was replacing,” says Arijit.


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