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Arjun Kapoor To Move In With His Father?

A  father-son reconciliation certainly seems  to be on the cards between  the lately-bereaved Boney Kapoor and  his eldest born Arjun Kapoor.

Not that they were ever at loggerheads .But they led separate lives after Boney separated from Arjun’s mother Mona  Kapoor to marry Sridevi. But now with Sridevi gone, a family friend says  that a common home cannot be ruled out.

“So far Arjun Kapoor and his sister Anshula have led pretty much  independent lived away from their father Boney Kapoor and his second family. But now Arjun feels his father and  his stepsisters need him  to be nearby. Arjun has begun to feel as protective towards his stepsister Jahanvi and  Khushi as he does towards his own sister Anshula. I see all of Boney’s children coming together under one  roof,” says  the source.

A reconciliation would certainly make Boney’s two wives Mona and Sridevi smile down from Heaven.


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