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Arjun Ramlal: Not Shaken By The NCB’s Summon,But Disturbed By Lack Of Support



Arjun Ramlal: Not Shaken By The NCB’s Summon,But Disturbed By Lack Of Support 12

Arjun Rampal has always been a genial bloke,  easy to get along with  , much loved and respected by all his colleagues and  filmland  friends. But now when the net closes on his family in a  drug probe, Arjun  finds himself battling it alone.

A friend of  the  actor says,  “Nobody wants to get involved. One  message or call, and you may be summoned  too. I am afraid Arjun will have to fight it alone.”

 Not that Arjun has ever needed anyone to fight his battles. Always a loner and  a champion of  the truth we’ve been friends  for  20 years. I first met  him when he  was  shooting for Vipul Shah’s Aankhen. His growth as  an actor and  an individual has been tremendous since then.We’ve been friends  since then. I’ve seen him go through his  personal and  professional  upheavals.Chin always up.The smile never  leaving his eyes. 

I remember  meeting him and Katrina Kaif   in Patna when  they came to promote Prakash Jha’s  Rajneeti. Katrina for some strange reason was  aloof and standoffish with the kids  who  accompanied me. Arjun made it his responsibility to  lighten the tense  atmosphere.

 This too shall pass. Arjun is  more than  equipped to weather the storm, although the  NCB’s  investigations are  a huge embarrassment to Arjun. His life partner  Gabriella Demetriades’ brother Agisialos has been  questioned. And now an Australian  Paul Bartel apparently known  to Arjun, has been arrested .

Arjun is  tightlipped  and  sure he will come  out of this unscathed.

All he will say on  record is, “I’ve nothing  to do with drugs.”
And  I believe him.Whether  the camera  is switched on or off   Arjun doesn’t lie .

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