Arjun Rampal Has No Plans Of Marriage

Proud Papa-to-be Arjun Rampal couldn’t be in a  happier  place. After  having suffered  blow after blow  for five years, Arjun  has finally  found happiness with girlfriend GabriellaDemetriades. The  couple is  now expecting its first  child.

And  the world  and  its  favourite soothsayer are speaking  of  a  marriage, just like Kamal Haasan and Sarika who made their relationship legal after their two daughters were born.

 But let’s clear the  air once and for all. Arjun and  Gabriealla  have no marriage plans.

 Reveals a  close  friend of Arjun, “They are  very happy being together. But  they  are not planning to  marry just because  they’re expecting  child together. They have full confidence  in the durability  of  their relationship and  they can look after their  child without making their relationship legal.She has brought that  sense  of peace and wellbeing  in Arjun’s life that had gone  missing  for  the past five years when  Arjun went  from one emotional turmoil  to the  next beginning with his  mother’s illness and death . It’s  only this year that tranquility has  kicked  into Arjun’s life.”

And now  the little one will soon be start kicking his  way  into Arjun and Gabriella’s life.

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