Arjun Rampal: “I Am On A Break After Eye Surgery”

Arjun Rampal has undergone a minor eye surgery which will keep him away from shooting for a while.

When  I contacted him he made light of  the surgery. “It’s just a minor surgery. Actors  get a lot of dust and grime in their eyes.Some of it got lodged in one of my eyes. It had to be  removed surgically. But nothing  major. I am  fine. I  Just need to have a black patch on the eye for a while. It makes me look like a pirate.But I’m already back to my office  for meetings.”

Arjun  has completed all the  shooting of his next film Daddy,  the  bio-pic  on Arun Gawli.Now his team is discussing  the marketing and release strategy.

“I now go straight into the shooting of Aankhen 2  in March. So  there is  space for me to  plan my moves for 2017,” says Arjun who  got rave reviews his appearance in Kahaani 2 in 2016.

“I don’t think critics have ever been so kind to me,” he says.

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