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Arjun Rampal: “Learn to laugh again during pandemic”



Arjun Rampal: "Learn to laugh again during pandemic" 12

Arjun  Rampal  Speaks  To Subhash K Jha On Spending Time With His  Baby Boy During  Lockdown

Did you  get bored staying indoors for  over two months?

Actually on the contrary,I’ve  taken this time to get healthy and fit. I had a knee surgery in January and had to get fit for the film I was filming in Karjat.

Which  film is this?

Details of the film I can’t give right now.But it’s got a lot of action and was physically very challenging. So had set up my gym and was training hard before the lockdown. So just stuck with the same routine post lockdown.

Are you eating  more than you  normally do?

I’ve  been eating healthy food.Of course have indulged myself now and then, especially on some carrot cake which Gabriella made.

How are you coping with your impatience?

By resting it out.

What is your advice to your  audience on coping with this  endless quarantine?

Nobody saw this coming. So obviously no one was prepared for it. Yet for me I truly believe it’s nature’s way of rebooting. We have consumed so much on this planet. We have been selfish and greedy. Chasing material pleasure, being a part of a race that leaves one tired and lonely. Not having anytime for people we love or live with. Being there but at the same time being absent.

Is this Nature’s way  of  pulling us  back and re-humazing us?

Absolutely.  When this pandemic paralysed us, we have been given time to look deep within. Share and spend quality time with our loved ones. Reconnect with friends after 30 years. Learn to laugh again. To understand that there is so much more to life, than just trying to make life happen.

Does  the  reality outside your quarantined paradise  bother  you?

Images of people walking hundreds of kilometres with their loved ones are the images we must never see. To be more considerate, compassionate and generous are qualities we must awaken within us. These are testing times but also the time, where human character can be developed in a more humane way. We must never forget this and the importance of nature and all other living creatures.

Are  you binge-watching a  lot of serials?

Actually binge-watching would be the easiest way to escape or distract ones mind. I prefer to observe my thoughts. Read. Play poker online. I don’t think I told you something about my activities.


I have a poker site called Poker High. I’ve actually spent a decent amount of time interacting with players who play there. To create a better experience going forward. Revisited the scripts that I will be working on. Reconnected with old school friends. Learnt some new recipes.Mopped  floors Cleaned many a dirty diaper  of my  son .

Has the  lockdown  given you ample time with  your recently-born son?

Ooh yeah!!!! It’s been a blessing. An amazing bond has formed.

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