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Arjun Rampal takes New Born Baby To Mehr Jessia’s Ganapati Celebration



 It can’t get more comfortable for Arjun Rampal’s life. It seems his  estranged wife  Mehr  Jessiahas made  pace with  the new  lady and baby in her husband’s life.

  On Tuesday for Ganpati, Arjun came confidently to  his former wife Mehr’s place with  his  new life partner  Gabriella Demtriades  and their newly-born baby.

Guests  at  the venue couldn’t believe their eyes.

Says  an invitee, “The entire family looked so much at peace.  I guess the stress part has been  dealt with already. Now there’s  the calm after the storm.”

 Arjun  was smiling throughout. Not once  allowing any signs of tension to show  as this was  his  new life converging with  his old  life  for  the  first time.

While refusing to comment on  the  remarkably  decorous  equation between his first and second family witnessed at the Ganpati gathering Arjun Rampal said, “It’s all good.Everyone has accepted life for what it is. You cannot fight the inevitable.”

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