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Aryan Khan Turned Down Karan Johar’s Offer For Launch



Aryan Khan

Not once, not twice, or thrice.  Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan has repeatedly turned down  family friend Karan Johar’s offer to launch  him  as a hero.

Says a source in the know, “It  started as a very serious  offer. When Karan  offered to launch Aryan, and Aryan said so, Karan thought, ‘Bachcha  hai,ghar ki baat hai,  aa jayega line pe(he’s  a  kid, it’s  a family  matter, he’ll come around).’  But then  Aryan  said  no  again and again.”

It  was  then that  it dawned on  Aryan’s family that  the  boy was   seriously not  interested in an acting career.

“Now  Karan  Johar has stopped suggesting it(a star launch) even  as a joke.Aryan wants to be  a filmmaker. In spite  of his looks he  is  not interested in acting.  Not only Karan  Johar, even Zoya  Akhtar offered to launch him in her  adaptation  of   the Archies comicbooks. But no. It is  sister Suhana  who is  the next-generation actor  in Shah Rukh’s family.”

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