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As Alia Bhatt Brings Luck to Ranbir, Look At Ranbir’s Chequered Love Life



Like it or not, we are a nation of superstitious  people.  We believe in  luck and destiny as much as we do in hard work and determination, if not more. Ranbir Kapoor’s talent  was  never in question . But still ,all those around him are talking about how “lucky” Alia is for Ranbir.

A  friend  of  the talented actor says, “It could be  a mere coincidence  that Ranbir’s career’s biggest  hit so far has happened after his friendship with  Alia blossomed. Let’s just put it this way. Sanjay Dutt and Alia Bhatt have  put a smile on the Kapoor family’s collective face.”

Apparently every  member  of  the Kapoor family including Ranbir, wants  Alia to be Mrs Ranbir Kapoor.

Frankly,it would be  a miracle if that happens. I had known Ranbir closely for some time during and after his debut in Saawariya. He was always a ladies’ man, committed  to not being committed to any one  woman  for too long.

When I got to know Ranbir he was in an intense relationship with a  divorcee.

“I can’t live without her,” he told me and  also confessed  his mother was against  the relationship.

 He  then disappeared for a long period.When he called again  I immediately inquired about his love life. But Ranbir  had moved on. The angst of  the  forbidden  relationship erased , he was into  a fresh relationship.

Since then he has been in several relationships, none of which has worked  out. Both Deepika Padukone  and   Katrina Kaif were  intensely devoted to Ranbir and I, suspect, they would have gladly  given up their careers  to be Mrs Ranbir Kapoor, just as  Ranbir’s mother NeetaSingh had done when she gave  it all  up to marry Rishi Kapoor.

 But God and Ranbir Kapoor—in that order– had  other plans. If his relationship  with Alia indicates an altar-ed  state then  we  have a  lot in Alia to admire. She would succeed  in doing what many beautiful and self-willed  women before her have failed to do.

But would this taming of the ‘shewd’ really happen?

At the moment looking for permanence  in  the Ranbir-Alia  alliance is like looking for  the real Sanjay Dutt in the Sanju bio-pic. There is evidence,  substantial evidence,  that this time it’s  for  keeps.

But with Ranbir, you  never know. It’s dear  little Alia I am worried about. She has her heart set on  a wedding. If and when this alliance happens, I see a full-blown Abhimaan/Star Is  Born happening at Krishna Raj (the Kapoor bungalow). Not that Ranbir would be  jealous of Alia. But if your marry a co-star who has had  9  hits in  4 years and  you’ve just had 1 success  in the last  4 years there  is bound to be that little twinge of envy.

Long live that twinge.

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