Asha Parekh: “I Was Alone When I Needed Medical Attention”

The ever-feisty Asha Parekh who turns a year older next month had a health scare this month which landed her in the hospital.

“I was at home watching television when I suddenly felt  an acute pain in my stomach and started vomiting,” says the yesteryears’ movie queen who  is single and lives all alone in her posh duplex in suburban Mumbai.

“Luckily I have very loyal and devoted house help. They panicked more than I did and took me to the hospital where I had to go through several medical procedures. After the tests I was detected with a stone in the gall bladder. Luckily I don’t have to undergo surgery at this time,” sighs Ashaji.

However the larger question of the veteran actress’ wellbeing and safety looms ahead.

Says Ashaji, “At times one does miss having family around. But otherwise I’m used to staying all alone.And I’ve close friends like Waheeda Rehman and Helen to turn to.”

Ashaji lost two of her closest friends actresses Nanda and Sadhana during the past few years.Ashaji’s closest friend actress Shammi is no more in the physical condition to look out for Ashaji.

“One has to manage somehow. Right now I am unable to travel because of my restricted diet. I am strictly forbidden from having oil and ghee.I was supposed to go to Patna for a function on October 3. But due to my health I’ve  declined the offer,” says the legendary actress who turns 74 on October 2.

Any birthday plans? “None at all.But I have one birthday wish. To remain healthy.Please pray for me.”


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