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Ashoke Pandit Just Back From Kashmir Says All Is Well



The Hindi  film industry’s  leading spokesperson Ashoke Pandit  has   just  paid a flying visit to Kashmir  after  Article 370  was  repealed.

He  is now back claiming all  is well in the Valley.

“All this  misinformation about Kashmir  being  under siege  is being spread  by  the so-called liberals who have nothing better  to do than try and discredit the Government. I’ve just returned from Kashmir. And  everything is  peaceful there,” reassures  Pandit.

He admits communication has been cut off in the Valley. “But that’s  for  security reasons. A  major policy  decision has been taken  about the area. It’s  like cancer. Chemotherapy has  to happen. Everything will  slowly turn to normal.Those who are spreading panic from outside Kashmir are aiding our neighbouring enemies in their desperate plans to malign  our government.”

Pandit  lashes out at  Anurag Kashyap and  the liberals who have been making veiled and not so  veiled  comments against the government. “These are   the  hypocrites who  don’t want  progress and change.They would do anything to pull the nation-builders down. I’ve no patience with such people.”

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