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And The Awards Go To…Alia Bhatt Or Sonam Kapoor?

The two actresses have a lot in common. They belong to  film empires , they are the daughters of hyper-energetic never-aging filmy daddys and are passionate about the movies. Sonam Kapoor, daughter of the unstoppable Anil Kapoor, and Alia Bhatt , the littlest progeny of Mahesh Bhatt are are set to compete  for all the  popular awards at the end  the year.

And fow now its Advantage Alia as she has pipped the best actress award at the first awards function this year.

While Sonam has exceeded all expectations in Neerja, Alia, at a very young age in her career has proven herself  a dramatic actress of substance in Abhishek Choubey’s Udta Punjab, and now in Gauri Shinde’ DearZindagi.

So would Alia upturn Sonam’s applecart, amd walk away with the awards?

Film critic Raja Sen  is pretty sure of the verdict.  “It will be Sonam for Neerja. Alia should get best supporting actress for Udta Punjab.”

Ram Madhvani who directed Neerja is  understandably noncommittal. “It’s really for the audience and jury to decide. How  can I comment on our own work? If you ask Mahesh Bhatt Saab , what is his answer likely to be?”

However a young director who has worked with one of the two young actresses  feels it’s going to a  toss-up between the two . “Sonam has an edge because her film was on the very relevant issue of international terrorism. But Alia, at her young age, blows the screen apart with two very  different performances  in Udta Punjab and Dear Zindagi.She’s definitely the new phenomenon.For Alia, challenging roles will roll by. Sonam may find it  hard to get another Neerja. That should clinch the awards in her favour.”


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