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Ayogya Sails Through The Censor Board, In Spite Of Hardhitting Content



Tamil star Vishal Krishna who is known to be anti-establishment in his real and reel roles, was surprised to sail through the censor board with a ‘UA’ and no cut in his new release Ayogya.
The film deals with one cop’s conversion from callous corruption to conscientious vigilantism after a rape incident.

Confesses Vishal, “We expected some hardhitting scenes would be objected to. And we were prepared to put up a fight, although our release was just three days away. We got our censor certificate on Tuesday evening and if there was delay we would have been forced to postpone our release.”

To Vishal’s surprise the censorboard took an unconditionally liberal view of the film’s intense drama and violence.

“The censorboard gave us a ‘UA’ with no cuts at all, not even a token beep,” says Vishal happily, confessing that his fans would have been very disappointed if the film got an ‘A’ certificate.

Opines Vishal, “The wrongs in our society must be seen by the young.It’s time we took a liberal stand against over-conservative attitudes to censorship.Simply by shutting our eyes we can’t get rid of the problems that plague society.Cinema must reflect all the malaise in our society.And for cinema to portray reality honestly, there should be no attempt to muzzle the creative process as long as it’s honest and within the limits of decency and decorum.”

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