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Ayushmann-Amy Get Together For A Ridiculous Version Of  Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Song

First things first.Why are we dancing to Pakistani singers’ numbers at  a time when Uri and Nagrota are  weeping tears of blood?

This is a question that T Series needs to ask itself as it has this week released a music video based on Nursat Fateh Ali Khan’s Yeh jo halka halka suroor hai ,re-sung by  the late NusratSaab’s nephew Rahat Fateh Ali Khan,featuring the untried pair of Ayushmann Khurranaand Amy Jackson who , to their credit, look compatible and comfortable together.

The music video is shot by Pradeep Sarkar who rekindles his penchant for periodicity from Parineeta in a well-shot footage stretching into two lives.

But the plotting  is plainly puerile and brainless. We have Ayushmann in love with Amy. He then  vanishes into the past to rescue Amy’s grandmother(Jackson in a double role) from mutinous soldiers in a medieval British pseudo-historical setting.Apart from the dubious historical context the video suffers from a serious bout of  creative kleptomania. Bits and  pieces of borrowed ideas and artifacts do not really make a telling video pastiche.

Like  many period  pieces in this country this one too is felled by its overweening ambitions.What shines through the tawdry costume drama is the unmistakable chemistry between Khurrana and Jackson.

They deserve to be in a full-length professionally made feature film. Not this silly schmaltzy streetside version of a David Lean epic. We love Nusrat Saab’s songs. But not now,please.And not this.

Rating: * (1 star)


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