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Ayushmann In A Plagiarism Row



The team  of  the new Ayushmann Khurrana project Bala finds  itself  in  a  soup.An assistant   director Kamal Kant Chandra has filed a  case  against the film’s leading man Ayushmann Khurrana, producer Dinesh Vijan and  directorAmar Kaushik for  plagiarizing his  idea.

Kamal Kant  is quoted in  a tabloid as  saying, “It’s wrong to start shooting before the court has given its verdict. At the last hearing, they said that they would take time to develop the script. How did they start shooting in 15 days? This means they gave a misleading picture to the court. I approached the vacation bench four days ago, but they stated that I should wait for the next hearing on June 10. But the makers might finish  the film by then and argue that since a lot of money is at stake, the court should rule in their favour.”

A  source  who knows  producer  Vijan very well  says there is truth to  Kamal Kant’s claim.  “We  didn’t know his name. But yes, Dinesh  Viyan  threw around the  idea of  a  film about a prematurely balding man which he says  came to him from somebody He wanted to know what we all thought about it. Later we  got to know that somebody was Kamal Kant who probably wanted  to come on board as  writer and director.However  Dinesh Vijan instead gave  the idea   over to his Stree director Amar Kaushik who developed  it with his own writer.”

This source says  it won’t be difficult  for  Kamal Kant to prove his claims in a court of law. “I think he has e-mail  that he sent to the  producer, and other proof that  the idea  came from him.Also, the  idea  of a prematurely balding man is not common. It would be relatively easy for Kamak Kant to prove his claim.”   We  have a better solution. Why not  give credit where it is due?

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