Ayushmann Khurrana Learns Piano From Scratch For New Film, Son Also Joins In


Ayushmann Khurrana and his 5-year old son have both been learning the piano  from one of the  best piano teachers of Indian origin.

Ayushmann, a born musician and singer gets the chance to extend the parameters  of his creativity  as he plays a concert pianist in Sriram Raghavan’s next, a noire thriller about a  blind musician.

Says Ayushmann, “I see myself as an actor and a singer-musician. When I got a chance to play a pianst it was like….godsent. I’ve learnt the piano from scratch . My teacher is Akshay Verma  from Los Angeles.  He  is  one  of  the best piano  teachers.”

The  best part of the enriching experience is that his son joins in .

“Yes! My 5-year old son is also learning the piano with me. So it’s a magnificent merger  of the professional and the personal,” says Ayushmann who  laments the absence  of time with his children.

“I do see them every day. But yes, I’d like to  spend more time with them. My killing schedules don’t give me the luxury of  spending enough time with my children. Luckily my wife who is  a writer , works out of home. So one of us is with them,” says Ayushmann.

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