Baabul Supriyo: Every Indian Should Think Before Collaborating With Pakistan


Rahat Ali Khan’s contention that music has no boundaries has left Baabul Supriyo unconvinced.

 Says Baabul,“There is a famous saying by Isaac Asimov, ‘Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right’.My morals and sensitivities as an artist tell me that artistes have no religion, caste, creed, nationality or boundaries.But I said what I felt is RIGHT about Pakistanis artistes  staying away from Bollyood and Indian cinema,given the times,  and Rahat, who I have great regards as an artist, will surely agree with the idea that  Samay se bada kuchh nahin hota.”

 Baabul is quick to clarify that there is no formal ban on Pakistani artistes in  India. “The ball is in the courts of every Indian , whether he or she want to to collaborate with Pakistan or nor. More than  90 percent  of my countrymen have agreed with me when I said at the moment there should  be a restriction on Pakistani artistes in India. Isn’t that how it should be when  two countries are in a war-like situation?An artiste of Rahat Ali Khan’s caliber  should respect the sentiments of Indians. India and Bollywood have given him so much. Can’t he show  a little bit of restrain? Wait for the situation  to  normalize.”

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