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Baabul Supriyo To Get Married On August 9!



Baabul Supriyo To Get Married On August 9, Says The Ceremony Would Be  A Small Affair(But Doesn’t Really Believe That)

Singer, actor, politician and cabinet minister in the current BJP government Baabul Supriyo is all set to tie the knot with his airhostess girlfriend Rachna Sharma on August 9 in Delhi.

The date has been fixed keeping in mind the parliamentary session and the Prime Minister’s ability to be present at the wedding.

Says Baabul, “Of course Narendra Modiji will be attending. The marriage cannot happen without his blessings. The wedding date  was worked out according to the parliamentary session.”

Baabu will have relatives and friends from Kolkata and Mumbai attending the Delhi wedding which he says  will be an “intimate” affair.

“But I’ve a feeling that it won’t be like that. No matter how much I prune down the invitees’ list there are still enough people to make the wedding a large one. So I might as well make it a lavish affair,” says Baabul .

This is his second marriage. He has a 17-year old daughter from his first marriage .

Baabul says he’s ready for the problems ahead. “Besides my mother, these are the two most important women in my life. I know I can’t see them being friends, at least for a long time. But I’ve always faced the  hurdles and challenges in life headlong.”

Baabul’s romance and courtship with Rachna are stuff fairytales are made of.

Recounts the singer, “I met Rachna on a flight and immediately knew she was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I immediately asked her for her phone number which she refused to give.”

It took months of persuasion before the lady thawed. Now Baabul looks forward to a life of marital  bliss.

“Right after the wedding we are leaving for the Vatican in Rome for our honeymoon,” he informs happily.

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