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Unknown Facts

Baahubali 2: Revealing Facts That Are So Far Unknown



What To  Expect In  Baahubali 2. 

The pressure to deliver more of everything—drama, spectacle,razzdazzle and mystery—in the second segment of Baahubali, entitledBaahubali 2 The Conclusion, shows in the trailer which was finally released on March 16.

There is a surplus of spectacle in the trailer. The arrows fly fast furiously and blood flows in a tempestuous torrent as ‘Baahubali’Prabhas and Rana Daggubatti take on one another in a game of death. What one immediately notices in the trailer of  the second and concluding part of Baahubali is Prabhas’ substantially enhanced confidence level.

His swag is supremely on display  in the trailer.

Says a very reliable source from the film’s core team, “Prabhas received some very tempting offers after the release of  the firstBaahubali film. He turned all of them down to concentrate on the sequel. For the last two years he has lived the role, going as far as to remain in costume even at home so as to not lose his hold over his characterization.”

Prabhas not only turned down  plum roles in Telugu he also turned down several Hindi offers.

All his attention went into preparing for Rajamouli’s epic.

Says the source, “Prabhas  learnt rock climbing for the romantic songs , kick-boxing, horse-riding, sword-fighting…everything.  He also had to change his physical  appearance. Before Baahubali he was really thin. Every morning and evening  he worked out to gain a lot of muscles.He had to bulk up. A thin warrior was not acceptable toRajamouli or to the audience.He had to look larger than life, like someone who could kill.He specially worked on his arm muscles since Baahubali is supposed to be most powerful in his arms.Prabhaswas training for almost three hours every day for six months before shooting started. Once the shooting started there was no time. He’d wake up at 5 am to get ready for a 7am shoot and  the shooting  went on  till 10 pm.He had to learn a whole new way of living to play the role. He  had to play two different characters of the prince and the warrior. He has tried to bring in two different body languages for the roles.”

When I had asked Rajamouli why he  chose Prabhas the  director had said, “I needed an actor with whom I have a very good rapport. one who has faith in my way of handling the project. Prabhas gave me two years of his dates when I asked him for one year. Without him this project wouldn’t have happened.”

In an interview to me Rajamouli named KV Reddy, the legendary Telugu film director who made the all time classic Maya Bazar as a huge inspiration.He also named Mel Gibson and Ridley Scott as his all-time favourite directors.

But in Rajamouli  Indian cinema has clearly found its Cecil de Mille.

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