Baahubali Panic…No Censor Certificate No Advance Booking

It was touch-and-go on Monday when the fierce clamour to open the nationwide advance-booking counters forBaahubali 2 : The Conclusion had to be stalled until the censor certificates for all the three versions of the film were issued.

New strictly implemented rules make it mandatory for a  film to obtain its censor certification before advancebooking opens.

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Says a source close to  the development, “Until late afternoon on Monday the censor certificate for the Hindi and Tamil versions of Baahubali 2 The Beginning were not issued. All advance booking had to be suspended until finally the producers were given a ‘UA’ with NO CUTS for the Hindi , Tamil and Telugu versions of Baahubali2.”

It is to be noted that no theatre in any part of India dared to  open its advance booking until the censor certificate was issued.

Says a  source, “One theatre, Vaibhav in Pune,  did dare to open its advance booking for Baahubali 2 on Monday  without the censor certification but had to shut down immediately when the other theatres protested.”

Says Pahlaj Nihalani, “We are glad to report that the rule of no advance booking until censor certification is being diligently applied by theatre exhibitors. Although the demand at the advance booking counters forBaahubali 2 is bigger than for any other Indian  film in the last ten  years the exhibitors barring one, remained closed until Tuesday morning.  The message has gone out loud and clear. No  censor certificate , no advancebooking.However let me add that we were not responsible for the delay. We received the Telugu  version of Baahubali 2 on Thursday afternoon and certified it on  Friday. The other two versions in Hindi and Telugu were submitted over the weekend and we certified them on Monday with a ‘UA and no cuts.”

90 percent of the theatres in Maharashtra will screen Baahubali 2 from Friday. The remaining  10 percent of the theaters will continue with Fast & Furious 8.

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