Baahubali Prabhas’s Price 75 Crore?????!!!!


If reports coming in from various quarters are to be believed, Prabhas the titular hero of the phenomenal  Baahubali is pricing himself out of the market by asking for  a staggering—hold your breath—Rs 75 crores as his fee.

The remuneration is higher than what even Salman or Aamir Khan  charge on the table.

Says a leading producer from Bollywood , “I was keen to cast Prabhas immediately to cash in on the Baahubali success. I was told by his team that his next assignment is a Telugu film and then afterwards his price would be up to 75 crore rupees. No actor in India gets that kind of money. If Prabhas is being advised by his team to ask for that kind of  money they need to be urgently reminded that Baahubali did not succeed because of Prabhas. If anyone, it’s director Rajamouli who should be charging  that kind of money. Rajamouli,I hear, has not hiked his remuneration at all.”

In  Prabhas’s defence it must be said that he is now being bombarded with offers only after he gave five years of his life and sweat to Baahubali. Also, he has not charged the makers of his next film Saahoa single penny extra.

Says a loyal source from the Telugu film industry, “Prabhas is only asking for what he deserves. If he was greedy he would have done 4 films in the time that it took to complete Baahubali. He signed his  next film Saaho before the release of Baahubali and is working for a nominal fee in that film. The rest can afford to pay.”

Not in Bollywood for sure. Karan Johar and Rohit Shetty are among the filmmakers who have put their plans of casting Prabhas on hold until he comes down to earth.Happy landing.

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