Baar Baar Dekho Trailer Review: Katrina, Siddharth Sizzle Together


Katrina Kaif wants it all.And she wants it now. She plays Dia.And she’s in love.She wants marriage, celebrations…. umm ….commitment , babies….with Jai, played by Siddharth Malhotra. But he’s….ummm….commitment phobic and he abandons her on the shaadi mandap

Then something happens. Jai begins to age prematurely .And he needs to fix the wrong he has done in the past.

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So okay. That’s debutante director Nitya Mehra’s Baar Baar Dekho. The trailer is laden with luscious visuals of people who live in the lap of luxury …when they are not living in each other’s laps.  There is  a sense of disproportionate assets in the trailer. These are people who seem  to have gotten more in life than they deserve.

Unforgivably, they don’t seem to be making the best of it. Jai shuns the woman who loves him to death.

And Katrina is good at playinga woman let down in love.(Google Ranbir-Karina).Siddharth once again focuses on flattering camera angles. Much of the trailer seems devoted to garnering gorgeousness through its two praotgonists…The male and the female beauty form are given to act out some kind of a designer-angst where they must sort out their shallow relationship status because the Gods have given them a second chance.

So that question  again. Do Jai and Dia deserve a second chance? Baar Baar Dekho doesn’t seem to be saying anything particularly new. But it’s saying the familiar with an aura of energetic gusto. The ambience is arresting. And the lead pair is radiant.

Katrina is still aeons away from mastering the Hindi. She says “Mr Sharma and Mrs Sharma’ like two  indecipherable French words. But the names are called by the lady in a seductive pose in a towel. So really, who’s listening?

There is a Big Fat Punjabi wedding where the couple get to dress ethnic and sing a Bhangra song that could be collected cash-free from any music website. But the soch(thought process) of the film is cosmopolitan. These are people who have never known true angst. And here they are rehearsing for what looks like the Big fat Indian wedding.

Well, too bad Siddharth Malhotra has other plans.We just have to see where they take him.

Rating: ** ½



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