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Babul Supriyo: “Won’t Let Mamta Didi Destroy Bengal”



Baabul Supriyo

On  Sunday afternoon,  union minister singer-actor  Babul Supriyo was on dharna in Delhi to protest against what he  describes as  “Mamta Didi turning  a blind eye to the Corona reality in  Bengal”

The protest meeting was attended  by  several BJP leaders after a senior  and reputed doctor in Kolkata Dr Biplab Kanti Dasgupta died  of  health complications   due to the  corona pandemic.

Says  Baabul, “Shockingly  Mamta Bannerjee and her government  have  hidden the fact that the doctor died  of complication caused  by Corona. She has  not mentioned that  the dedicated doctor died  while  caring for  Corona patients.Mamta Didi,like Donald Trump,  is living in a state of denial. As  far as she’s concerned the Corona virus is  nothing to worry about,  just an invention  of  the opposition to trouble her.And her  yes-men are  aiding her illusory behaviour. If this  attitude  of  believe-what-Mamta-tell-you  persists  Bengal will be destroyed. I won’t let that happen. Let her  send as many  goons as she likes. I’ve truth on  my side.”

Baabul  is  also worried  about the elderly  getting  food articles  in Bengal at their doorstep. “The  relief measures taken to ensure  Bengal doesn’t suffer during  the  lockdown need  to be implemented properly. The  food  for the elderly must reach their doorsteps  as many of them  cannot  make the walk out into the roads.Also many elderly residents  do not  have children at home to do the  chores. We in my constituency  in Asansol are ensuring that the  food and  groceries reach the  doorstep of the elderly. My  team workers in Asansol are at it round  the  clock. Simply announcing relief measures is not enough. These measures must  reach the  people they are meant for.”

Speaking of relief, the Indian film industry can  expect several  measures  to tide them over the  current  crisis.

“But for that, please wait for our very efficient  I & B Minister Shri  Prakash Javadekar  to  make  the announcements at the appropriate time,” says Baabul.

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