Badlaa Goes For Restricted Release, Faces Stiff Competition From Captain Marvel

 Both the  films coming this  Friday Badlaa  and  Captain Marvel  are  out to get  blood. But it seems Marvel  will take centrestage,  though the distinguished  Badlaa team  seems  unfazed,  Captain Marvel   gets a  much   wider release than  Badlaa  in  India  and  in  4 languages, English , Hindi , Tamil and Telugu.

The producers Disney expect  the  film to  crack  open the  boxoffice.

Says a source from Disney, “Captain Marvel is Marvel’s first woman superhero film.And we  expect  it to be  every bit as  successful all across the  world as DC’s  Wonder Woman.”

In India Captain Marvel  gets  optimum screens and  theatres.

Badlaa in spite  of Shah Rukh Khan as  producer ,is lagging behind in terms  of  release  outlets.Apparently Badlaa is getting only 700-750 screens  across India which is  a shockingly  low number  considering Amitabh and Tapsee Pannu have starred in  the game-changing  Pink  and director Sujoy Ghosh has to his credit a  hit  like Kahaani . Admittedly  Sujoy’s other film including his last release Kahaani 2 were  thundering flops.

  Trade  pundit Amod Mehra  is  optimistic. “Badlaa being a suspense thriller from the stable of Sujoy Ghosh is a much-awaited film.Though the producers are planning a limited release with just 750 screens the film should do well at the boxoffice.”

Adds trade analyst Atul Mohan, “This week should be exciting.First big release from Hollywood of 2019 and  a whodunit thriller from Red Chillies.Badlaa may not be looking for as wide a release The budget of this one is controlled one and should reap good profits for the makers. Captain Marvel is looking to score good,and  as I said  this is the first big title from Hollywood this year. And last year Hollywood made around 900 crore from the Indian boxoffice.”

Says trade analyst Girish Johar, “Badlaa has big names attached to it.Big B sir(Amitabh Bachchan), Tapsee, Sujoyand  Shah Rukh Khan  backing it.It  has surely raised the curiosity level. The trailer has been liked by the audiences and has got a decent intrigue value to it as well. The bandwidth  of the Badlaa audience is limited, though,  ranging from niche  and  high-end in top cities of the country and will be strongly  dependent on its WOM(word of mouth) to carry it through the day and over the weekend

  Girish  Johar admits Captain Marvel is  formidable competition   for Badlaa. “Captain Marvel …what to say…is a PROUD film from the MARVEL ENTERPRISE.It has FANTASTIC production values, superb trailer, great international buzz and hype backing it. The film is being released in regional languages as well and has got good traction from its youth and metro audiences alike. Combined all languages …it has all the chances to lead at theboxoffice on Friday and over the weekend by a good margin, keeping behind all the competition.”

 But Tapsee Pannu who plays  the  lead in Badlaa  is unfazed  by the competition.  “I am a huge fan of Avengersand  Marvel films .But I have no impression of Captain Marvel as an audience so that’s why it’s not as bothersome as Avengers or any other established super-hero will be.”

Besides, hasn’t  Tapsee played  the superhero in  Naam Shabana, Baby and Pink?

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