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Banning Happy Bhaag Jayegi In Pakistan Is A Slap In My Face, Says Director

Mudassar Aziz who is thrilled to bits about the success of his Indo-Pak love story Happy Bhaag Jayegi can’t understand why the film has been banned in Pakistan.

Yeh toh wohi baat hui.Zulm bhi aap karo khafa bhi aap ho(you do wrong and then you become upset).The ban is a slap in my face.In no way does my film show Pakistan in a bad light. In fact everybody is talking about how positively Pakistan has been portrayed in my film.Yet they are upset with the film, apparently because I have shown a portrait of Jinnah in the film…I’ve been to Pakistan just a few months ago. There are pictures of Jinnah everywhere.What is wrong in  showing Jinnah Saab’s portrait?

The other objection that the Pakistani censor board has raised has to do with the character of the Pakistani cop played by Piyush Mishra.

“They say he is portrayed  too flippantly . What is wrong with the cop being amusing rather than intimidating?Piyush Saab’s character is everyone’s favourite,” says Mudassar.

“We’ve always welcomed their artistes into Indian cinema. But they continue to be suspicious of Indian films.By putting a ban on my film they aren’t stopping Pakistanis from watching it.They are watching it on pirated dvds,” says Mudassar .



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