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Battle Of The Puri Wives, Seema  & Nandita Plan To Make Films On The Great Om



Seema Lashes Out Nandita’s Plans

It looks like 2018 will see  the great Battle Of  The Biwis  emerge out of the domestic discord that actor Om Puri had to face all his life.

Both his wives Seema Kapoor and Nandita Puri are planning to make films based on the  lives  of the great actor who happened to be  married to the two women.

While Omji first wife Seema when he left to marry Nandita Puri and eventually went back to after breaking away  from Nandita, is still planning her  film on the man whom she still misses dearly, Nandita has already announced that  her bio-pic would be based on her book Unlikely Hero,a work that Om had stoutly denounced as slanderous  defamatory and insulting.

Om has said to me , “My wife has reduced a very important and sacred part of my life to cheap and lurid gossip. I had shared these dark secrets with my wife as all husbands do. If she chose to make them public at least she should’ve made sure to maintain a dignity about experiences that are a valuable part of my life. Has she forgotten that I have a standing in society and I’ve worked hard to achieve all that I have today? I won’t allow her to throw it all away for the sake of sensationalism. “I was aware that another lady Aparajita Krishna was writing my biography. When Nandita expressed  a desire to write about me I couldn’t stop her because she’s my wife but she has forgotten who she is,”

In fact so deep was Omji’s hurt at the content of Nandita’s books that he had decided he would leave her thereafter but stuck on in the marriage because of their only son.

Says the supremely saddened still grieving spouse Seema, “This book caused Omji so much pain. Till his end he was regretful that his life story was not written by Aparajita Krishan. This book which caused him so  much pain will now be made into a film? Has she resolved not to let him pass to the other world in peace? This would be doing great injustice to him.”

A distinguished actor who has known Om and Nandita closely wonders,  “Does she have  any experience in filmmaking? What will she put in the  film?And who will play Om?”
Seema Kapoor on the other hand , is being extremely discreet  about her plans. “Let it happen. Then we’ll talk about it. There is  no point in making tall declarations unless they’re backed by facts.I never knew Omji would leave so early and suddenly. I am yet to come to with his going away.”

Seema incidentally is a filmmaker. Her first feature film Mr Kabaadi will be opening this Friday. Though the film stars her brother  the accomplished Anu Kapoor(who is likely to play Om in her bio-pic) Om Puri also features in the film in a memorable cameo.

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