B’day Special: Here Are 11 Little Known Facts About Ranveer Singh!

Ranveer Singh,the current heart throb of the nation always manages to make heart skip a beat with his wicked smile and contagious energy. Here are some lesser known facts about the BABA of bollywood.

Ranveer and Sonam are second cousins!

Whoa! Ranveer Singh happens to be Sonam Kapoor’s aunt’s son.

Ranveer was reportedly once dating Ahana Deol

Before his grand Bollywood debut, Ranveer and Ahana Deol were dating each other.

He worked as a copywriter before becoming an actor

Ranveer’s first job out of college was with the renowned advertising agency, as a copywriter.

He loves his X-rated magazines

When he says he does the rex, he means it. Ranveer has a thing for X-rated magazines and picks them up from all the countries he visits.

Ranveer Singh rejected 3 big Bollywood movies before Band Bajaa Baraat

He was extremely picking about his debut and rejected three films before he was picked for the YRF blockbuster, Band Bajaa Baraat.

He dropped his last name

Ranveer’s full name is Ranveer Singh Bhavnani. He dropped his surname because he thought it was too long and unmemorable. He gets the last name ‘Singh’ from his grandfather who is a Sikh.

He’s a mama’s boy through and through

Like most incredibly hot men, Ranveer is very attached to his mother. If you want Ranveer, you’ve got to get mommy dearests approval.

Big B sent a handwritten letter to Ranveer after seeing his performance in Ram Leela.

No Onscreen Death
Ranveer’s mom doesn’t like seeing him die on screen(which he has in many of his films like lootera,Ram leela or Gunday) which is why he never wanted his mother to watch Bajirao Mastani. But his mother insisted and watched the movie. However,his mother is keen on watching a movie having him and Deepika where he doesn’t die in the end.(enough hints already).

Suspended From Class
Ranveer Singh was suspended from school for a day because he was caught listening to the song “Chaiyya chaiyya” from “Dil Se” in class. Ranveer was obsessed with the song at the time

Art Graduate

He is an Arts graduate from Indiana University where he took Theatres as a minor subject.

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