Best Actress Oscar Winner Olivia Colman Travels To Bihar To Track Her Lineage

The very distinguished  British actress Olivia Coleman who has  won this year’s Oscar  for  best actress  for her performance in the dark period comedy  The  Favourite  , travelled all the way from London to a  small  townKishanganj in  Bihar recently.

 Ms Coleman  was  searching for information on  her  great great great grandmother Harrriet who lived in Kishanganj  in 1807.

Sources  from the town say the visit created  no stir whatsoever.

 Informs  Kishanganj  resident  academician Bholashankar  Singh,  “She came  to Kishanganj as  an  ordinary  tourist with no  baggage  , no entourage, She  travelled alone and seemed  to the locals like  just another tourist.No one had seen her  films. And this was just months before the Oscars .If she had come  after the Oscars  I’m sure more  people  would have known who she was. But I  don’t think she wanted to be recognized and  was  happy meeting locals  like an ordinary British  tourist desirous  of  finding out more about  her  ancestry.”

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