“Bhai Never Says Sorry”…Here’s Why Salman Won’t Apologize About His Rape Analogy

On Wednesday Salman Khan’s legal team—who have been a little disused in recent months—sprung into action and sent off a response to two prominent women’s organizations for their notices to the superstar for his remark comparing his wrestling scenes in Sultan to the act of rape.

Salman’s response was unapologetic. Salman will not apologize for the rape remark. He never says sorry. So why is he expected to now?

In the past he has been in many sticky situations . Not a murmur of an apology when he poured beverage for  the then-girlfriend Somy Ali’s …And no, it wasn’t in her glass. Not a hint of an apology when he banged onAishwarya Rai’s door until his hand was a bloodied pulp and neighbours’ eardrums were a shattered mass . Not a tremor of a sorry when pavement dwellers came under the wheels of his posh car. Or when the superstar peed in front of Subhash Ghai.

Says an associate who has  known Salman very closely, “Salman never says sorry, never regrets what he does. Because he believes he is responsible enough for his actions. I remember the closest he came to apologizing was to his closest friend Sooraj Barjatya after the black buck incident during the shooting of Hum Saath Saath Hain.Sooraj is a pure vegetarian and a puritan at heart.This scandal killed something vital in Sooraj’s relationship with Salman. It took 10 years for the wound to heal. But Salman didn’t say sorry then. I don’t think he’ll say sorry for this matter. He genuinely doesn’t feel he needs to apologize. He didn’t mean to offend anyone.”

The friend also adds that Salman’s father writer Salim Khan has requested his son to say sorry and end the matter.

“But Salman convinced his father it would be wrong to apologize when he didn’t mean to offend anyone.An apology would be an acknowledgement of the fact that he actually insulted women by using the rape analogy when he did not mean any harm.Salman may have had issues with his girlfriends in the past. But he is extremely courteous with women both off and on screen. On screen he refuses to kiss his heroines arguing it is against our culture,” says the friend.

As things stand, no apology is forthcoming from  Salman on this issue. And the women’s organizations would just have to deal with it.

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