Bhaiaji Superhit Is Goofy Zany  Outrageous  Fun

Bhaiaji Superhit

Starring Sunny Deol, Preity Zinta,  Arshad Warsi, Ameesha Patel, Shreyas Talpade,

Directed by Neerraj Pathak

Rating: ***(3 stars)

What  does a UP Bhaiyya-Gangster do when his beloved wife leaves  him? He gets a failed braggart  director from Bollywoodto make a film on his marital  love story  to  win  back his wife. The complications that  follow are the stuff Shakespeare  would have  dug out of his creative chest were his comedies  into pulp humour.

 If you are  not too sold on refined humour and  if you can  appreciate  a  comedy of errors that doesn’t resort to double meanings then Bhaiaji Superhit could provide  you with some  amount of  of hilarity. Sunny Deol’s Bhaiyaji act is  replete with a  sense of startled  crime-lording, as though the character  can’t help wonder  how a man who is such lamb before his wife could pull  the trigger  on  his  enemies with  such  arresting aplomb!

Deol’s dhai kilo ka haath is now  sportingly  projected to parody his earlier macho self.And when in the second wife another Deol shows  up(yes  a double role!)  all squeaky-voiced  meek and  mousy  we know  for sure that  Deol is now at a stage when he doesn’t mind  parodying himself. He gets some  terrific support from  his two principal male  co-stars Arshad Warsiand Shreyas Talpade,both of whom  are  reliably strong with their comic timings.

Shreyas plays the  puffed-up flop director with a swaggering bustle .he  seems to enjoy the script’s anarchic  wit. Talpade’s Bengali screenwriter’s character  is  so earnest in his corny  creativity he makes us laugh at  his silly sincerity. These are actors who can never fail a  script even if the script fails them.

But  the real surprise of  the  show is Preity Zinta, playing a fiery gangster’s  no-nonsense wife she manages to avert her urbanity to embrace her loud unpolished jealous wife’s role with lipsmacking relish. It’s good to see Zinta  back on camera and that  too in  an image-defying role.

There are several  accomplished actors  like Pankaj Tripathy,Sanjay Mishra,  Brajesh Kala, Mukul Dev, Jaideep Ahlawat and Pankaj Jha whoshow up in extended cameos. The  screenplay doesn’t always know what to do with all  the actors. Everybody seems to instinctively  grab the inherent  wackiness  of the goings-on.

Not to be taken seriously, the proceedings are done in  raucous colours that  sometimes exasperate with their exaggerated humour.Most  of  the time the film’s  writers(Neerraj Pathak, Aakash Pandey) get the right shades  into  rites of  burlesque .We can’t help chuckle at  the cockamamie  comedy

 This  is a loud colourful over-the-top homage  to hoary tradition of Bollywood’s formula  films where the outrageous  met the melodramatic without mishap. A lot happens in Bhaiaji Superhit. You know you are  in this for  the  sense of unbridled reckless adventure . It does  get a bit too much at times. But don’t mind. Bhaiaji  Deol wants Bhabhiji Zinta back at any cost.All blazing guns and spoofy drama,  this is where you want to go  this weekend if  you looking for some cheesy fun.

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