Bhara​ti Singh Did Not Walk Out Of Kapil Sharma’s Show

Dismissing the stories about comedienne Bhar​a​ti Singh’s walk-out of the Kapil Sharma Show as a whole lot of hogwash, a  source from the show says, “Bharati joined us for shooting on Thursday for the first time. How could she  throw  a tantrum on Wednesday, as reported?”

So what do these reports about her tantrum mean?

“Nothing. This is just one more attempt to pull Kapil Sharma down. To show to the world how much trouble he’s facing with his colleagues. Ever since the incident with Sunil Grover happened there have been attempts to show Kapil his place. However everything is fine.And Bharati shot in a  very happy environment on Thursday withKapil. No tantrums, no fights, no illwill. No scope for Kapil bashing,” says a colleague of Kapil from the show.


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