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Bhoomi Trailer Review: It Knocks The Socks Off!



Welcome back, Mr Dutt . It’s been a while. Even before  Sanjay Dutt left  for prison his quality of cinematic output had  fallen to unplumbed depths of self-degradation.

With Bhoomi, an intense infuriatingly breakneck paced  saga of a father-daughter bonding set in Agra(but not in  a touristic kind of way) Sanjay Dutt seems all set for a glorious  comeback. First of all he plays his age. And plays out a father’s rage with convincing magnetism.

In his last  film Zilla Ghaziabad Prachi Desai who is his daughter’s age was cast as his romantic  interest. In Bhoomi the stunningly fetching Aditi Rao who is close to Prachi’s age, plays Dutt’s daughter. Whenever they are together in the  tightly-edited  trailer  they seem to ignite  a very special fire .


The bonding is real, the drama is driven a cyclonic fury and  the bitter frustration and helplessness of  a father, and the message is… you can’t mess around with Sanjay Dutt , not when his daughter’s  reputation is at stake.

What struck me  about the trailer is the protective cordon that Dutt forms around the ravishing Ms Rao. When the cordon is broken by an arrogant  goon,played with menacing aggression by Sharad Keklar, it  is payback time.

It’s been a while since we had a larger-than-life epic father-daughter drama on screen.  Bhoomi seems to  fulfilthat lacuna with a stunning ferocity. I can see Sanjay Dutt getting back into form with this  one. As  for AditiRao her  beauty and talent were never questionable. Bhoomi provides that impetus which will jostle her into stardom.


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