Bigg Boss 10 Day 2: Complexities, Twist & Fights!

There seems to be no end to day 2 for the contestants inside the Bigg Boss house! TheMaliks seems to be going great in the game and giving sleepless nights to the Sevaks. In the wee hours of the night, the commoners do a secret meeting in the washroom area and decide to trouble the celebrities. After much planning and plotting, Priyanka instructs Swamiji to ring the ‘Hukm Ki Ghanti’ after the Sevaks are fast asleep and demand for food. Swamiji relents to Priyanks’s idea. Unwillingly, the Sevaks get up from their slumber and prepare food for Swamiji. The dining table heats up again as another massive argument breaks out between Om swami and Rahul Dev and Priyanka and Rohan. Priyanka even punishes Rohan thereafter and asks him to wash her clothes in the middle of the night.

The player that he is proving to be, Swamiji apologizes to the Sevaks for his unjust behavior the next morning. Celebrities decide to bury the hatchet and forgive Swamiji. Gaurav informs the commoners that Om Swami is bad mouthing them behind their backs. Swamiji tells everyone that his own team is using him against the celebrities. While this leaves the commoners in a state of shock, they soon infer that Swamiji is playing a double game.

In the midst of all this, Bigg Boss introduces two more riddles and asks the celebrities to decode the secret. Adding some more twist to the game, Bigg Boss introduces Appy Fizz bubble task where the Maliks now have the liberty to tie down the Sevaks by locking their ankles to a chain and keep them from discussing the riddles with each other.

With only a few riddles left, will the Sevaks lose the only chance to become Maliks?

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